We have a rare heritage breed of cattle called American Milking Devons. We also have pigs. We hand milk our Devon cows and give the raw milk to the pigs. The taste of our pork is like no other, since our Devon milk is so rich in CLA's and Omega 3's. We offer our beef in ground hamburger form only. We also offer sirloin hot dogs; 1/2 beef & 1/2 pork hot dogs; pork chops; pork loin roasts; kielbasa; 3 kinds of sausage; no nitrate hams; ham steaks; traditional hams and bacon.

Thank you for visiting our farm website today. We are owners/operators John & Bonnie Hall. This farm is so close to our hearts.. Let us take you back into time....

My husband's ancestors received a grant from the King of England to settle the original part of our farm in Westbrook, circa 1710. One of  Silas A. Posts' four sons, Joseph C. Post (1829-1908) marries Eunice M. Chittenden (1831-1911). As his inheritance, he receives a portion of the farm. He built our farmhouse on East Pond Meadow Road in 1850.

Joseph and Eunice have three daughters and two sons. Both sons die in infancy. One of the daughters, Ellen, marries Henry Wright. They have three daughters, one of them being Anna J. Wright (1886-1952).

Next to the farm on the west is the Pond Meadow One Room School House. After school, Anna spends her time with her grandparents at the farm. When she is of age, she becomes the school teacher and stays with her grandparents until she is married.

Anna meets John L. Hall (1885-1972) and falls madly in love with him. They marry in 1910 and add on to the farmhouse. They have two daughters and a son, John L. Hall Jr. (1923-2001). He marries Jane D. Green. They have a son and a daughter. This is where I marry the love of my life, their son, John L. Hall III.

Now we come to present day. It is an exciting time for us at Maple Breeze Farm. Although food has been grown at our farm for centuries, "locally grown" has become important to families interested in knowing where their food comes from. Our pork and beef is USDA-inspected and we are excited to offer it to all.

On Saturdays from the end of October through the end of May you can find us in the Corn Crib at the farm. We welcome people to come to see us, sit a spell, have a cup of hot chocolate, and see the animals. When the sugar shack is running, we offer Sugar on Snow tastings, free of charge.

There is always something going on at the farm. Please stop by and see us!

We are proud members of Connecticut Farm Bureau. John has been on the board of directors for Middlesex County for over 15 years. He currently serves on the executive board of directors. John is President of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association.


Local + Grass Fed = Farm Fresh

Maple Breeze Farm

Local + Grass Fed = Farm Fresh

Everything is made with all of our own pork and beef. We know everything our animals have eaten. But more important to us, we know what  they have not eaten!