Local + Grass Fed = Farm Fresh

We are excited to announce we will be continuing the CSA concept here at the farm! We started this wonderful program in early November. Our amazing customers come to the farm on Fridays and pick up their weekly basket. This continues weekly commencing in late May! 

We have called this new CSA concept Farm To Fork. We are offering our products as well as products from other farmers who share our passion of  farming and growing as we do with commitment to: no pesticides,or hormones, and providing the best ingredients to make their food.

We are also  working with other local producers who you are probably familiar with from the farmer's markets. These producers keep their products as local and natural as possible! We have also collaborated with them and some are making their products with our meat! An example is Sanremo Bakery making their stuffed bread with our sweet and hot sausage. Or, Dough On Main making their outstanding ravioli with our sweet sausage, or our sirloin hamburger.

As a Shareholder of Maple Breeze Farm's Farm To Fork, you can choose your food weekly. Our idea here is to keep you at the farm year round and out of the grocery stores as much as possible.

You can pick and choose the following: eggs; bacon; sausages; sirloin hamburger; kielbasa; pork chops; potatoes; cow or goat milk, cow or goat Greek yogurts and cow or goat soft cheeses; fish; chicken; freshly baked breads; freshly made pastas; freshly made cookies; freshly made fruit pies and cream pies; winter squashes; garlic and Biscotti. As other vendors come aboard we will update this.

Shares are selling fast! If you want to be a part of this new exciting adventure at Maple Breeze Farm, please contact us! There is no "one price fits all." These shares will be tailored to what each family needs. To discuss details, please call John and Bonnie at: 860-399-4611.

This program runs November 1 until May 20th of each year.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!